UOWD’s Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences has a strong focus on research and development, with all professors active in exploring the latest technological developments and professional practices in the field. Renowned for their culture of innovation, UOWD faculty members also promote enterprise in the classroom and provide a wealth of opportunities for creativity, through national and international technology-based competitions and practical interactions with industry professionals.


The Faculty’s state of the art Simulation and Smart Systems Research Centre focuses on design and development of innovative hardware and software solutions in simulation and smart systems, in a diverse range of fields including health, education, urban planning and sustainability, engineering and computing.

Current research stemming from the centre includes:

  1. Simulation research in surgery, medicine, health, informatics and special needs
  2. Smart systems, robotics, sensor networks and ubiquitous computing research
  3. Sustainable urban planning and development research
  4. Construction and process-based engineering simulation research

"UOWD highly values leadership, research and teaching! Combining top quality leadership, research and study programs with industry expertise, we are incessantly committed in developing each individual’s skills, ultimately grooming them to become our future leaders."
Professor Khalid Hussain
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences, and a Professor in Systems Engineering